Julian Assange : Price of being audacious and courageous

Julian Assange today decided to field his party named Wikileaks and contest for his candidacy in Australian Senate.


A 35 years Australian walked up to face a world. Tensed, Beaming with confidence, filled with facts and figures, documents to support it and ready to turn the tables on the world superpower US. A country which everyone feared , image of which was about to be tantalised with the misdeeds it had done. Wikileaks did its first leak in 2006 December slowly after which there have been flood of Leaks from Wikileaks till date.

In a moment I was inquisitive about Julian Assange, who is he and where is he and  what has he done?

16471528-orange-cartoon-character-sits-on-the-big-red-question-mark-white-backgroundHere is a brief description about him and the company, Wikileaks.
In late 2009 wikileaks setup its headquarters in Iceland Capital Reykjavik, it was a perfect fit.

It was apt as Iceland has world-class internet and its constitution forbids censorship. It welcomed Julian Assange with open arms and here he got famous leaked documents of what came to know as Famous Cable Gate Documents. It centred US embassy .

It all started one day at a party @US embassy in Iceland. A MP of Iceland was invited to a cocktail party at US embassy, she knew that Cocktail parties are boring so she tried to make it a bit interesting. Being a prankster by nature (sometimes) she thought it would be nice if she gets a wikileak person to accompany her. She invited Assange to the party. She couldn’t find Assange on the day of party so she didn’t go, but Assange did. He met with US diplomat Sam Watson, but the leak didn’t came from him. He got confidential papers out of the embassy but, where the hell he got the document from its a question which is still unanswered. But once the data was released It was evident that it surely came from the embassy. There was a massive investigation going but it was first act of humiliation by wikileaks to the world’s superpower, but it was nothing what was to come.


julian assange3

Collateral murder, gunning down unarmed people at Baghdad Streets, Afghan War truth , etc. Assange became a cyber celebrity. After 8 months , Assange landed in Sweden, he became a superstar. He was throng by media persons who showed interests in becoming an associate of wikileaks. They got a Nuclear Bomb Proof roll out shelter in Sweden, which caught all eyes of world.


Assange was schedule to deliver a speech on 14th august 2010, in audience were two ladies one Sofia Wilen and another Anna Ardin.  Sofia was Assange lover and Assange arrived in Stockholm on 11th august and lived in the flat till 18th august meantime once he left for Stockholm. On 13th Anna Ardin came back and they had consensual Sex on 13th.


Stockholm, Aug 16 2010, Julian Assange caught a train from Central Station. He was not alone, his companion was Sofia Wilen, they had a night spent at Sofia flat . They could have no idea what  repercussion that could flow from their one night stand. Sofia was afraid of a STD so she texted to Anna Ardin. But they were not to make any complains but they just wished that Assange could be compelled for a STD test , but he refused. So they went to police station to get Assange for a check up. Somehow one of the girls said Sex crime and hence prosecution passed a warrant the same day .


Julian Assange did appear before police 10 days later, but was set free of charges. In the mid September he got a text from his lawyer( that time lawyer) that prosecution lawyer didn’t want him for an interview and he can leave Sweden. So in a good faith , he left Sweden on 27th September  and landed in London. In the frontline club he had some unfinished business with America, But just after 11 days of clearing him Swedish issued a warrant of arresting Assange. On the 10th day Wikileaks launched 3rd big hit against America Iraq War log.  Sweden Government issued a Red Notice against Assange, Red notice is used for the terrorist , Syrian President doesn’t have a red notice , Gaddafi in Libya was not subjected to a red notice but an orange notice . It was completely outrageous that a red notice will be issued against a order of such a crime.

InterpolTiming of notice couldn’t have been possibly worse Ex US army soldier Bradley Manning has allegedly leaked a quarter of million documents and Assange was anxious to get them out. They Became known as Cable Gates. The leak became a shock to the world most super power nation, whole country became outrageous, some even wanted Assange dead. An investigation team was set up by the pentagon team and they wanted the financial support to Wikileaks be shut . If Assange wanted a support from back home he wasn’t going to get it. Julian Gillard condemned the behaviour of wikileaks. The attorney general wanted to revoke passport but federal police believed that with passport they will be able to track Assange better they did not revoke the passport.

For more than 500 days Julian Assange and his team fought battles with courts, high courts and supreme court but on June 14th Assange lost his final appeal. Supreme court ordered, he have to be extradited. 5 days later he went to Ecuadorian embassy to seek political asylum.

assange-asylum-ecuador-cartoon2-598x437The whole political scene of framing Assange could never be ignored considering the fact that events which turned into the case. It was clearly seen that Assange visited Sweden to attend a press conference arranged by a communist party.  They gave him a flat of Allen Ardin, she was away from her home. She came home a day early and insisted Assange to stay back. She accused Assange to have pinned down and refused the request of using condom for sex.


Later the next day on 14th august she was with Assange at the press conference . She arranged later a party for Assange at her house and texted that she was having fun with the coolest people on the planet.. next day of what she later claimed to have been subjected to be of a forced sex.


She even refuted Assange request to stay separate. One of the testimonials even claim that Anna Ardin even knew about the stint of Assange with Sofia Wilen before hand. Ardin surprisingly visited police station to accompany Wilen who was not signing the accusation of sex crime against Assange. Later without even consulting Assange the framed charges against him and next day Cyber Spy Hero became a 2 woman rapist..

On august 30 he voluntarily went to police and said that whatever I am gonna tell you will be leaked to expression newspaper. The policeman said he will not leak but in the end interview eventually got leaked.


The further turn of events which followed with the past history of America with Sweden Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has seek political asylum in Ecuador Embassy. But his lawyers claims that the moment US will testify that they will not prosecute Julian Assange next day he will be going to Sweden.

Julian Assange : A man who exposed US, is facing Asylum in Ecuador. This is an article to expose the truth of the real story behind the trial of Julian Assange.

manzil na de, charaag na de, hausalaa to de
tinke kaa hii sahii tu magar aasaraa to de 😀

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