Prime Minister and Governance… Do we really have one… ?

According to constitution Prime Minister of India is the real head of India , Article 78 of the constitution mentions Prime Ministers has got to be a national leader besides a party or a coalition leader. On Various national issues and national problems which the nation faces it is Prime Minister who makes every endeavor  to arrive at a national consensus as a true national leader.


Now the above lines are not what I personally feel or believe, rather it is the constitutional description of the roles and responsibilities , one owns after being sworn in as a Prime Minister of this world’s largest democracy .

Let alone functioning, was it his choice of being a Prime Minister Candidate which sprung surprise in the corridors of Politics. Though one may not doubt his credentials but the atmosphere which he was made choice, it was clearly positioned, planned and destined that we were going to welcome the new “Robot Prime minister”.  In a democratic country we all are led by a leader who is not even elected by us. (Please see, world’s largest democratic country, isn’t you proud being a part of it )


The traits which can be used to describe this amazing persona is lack of decision taking character, silent , dull attitude, corrupt, unable to hear public grievances and faces world wise media criticism.


The general elections are around the corner. Many are predicting that the coalition government will once again be formed. Many decisions thus will be hard to take, governments will fall prey to their supporting MPs , come April 2014 India awaits its new doomsday.

The present governance cannot be blamed upon coalition alone. It is inability of government to take up measures , leave alone the harsh ones, to cope up or improve the deteriorating situation of falling India, which stood once as the pillar of Earth.

The failures of the present government will be many, naming will be a repetitive task. But for a greater population which must have forgot the misdeeds like always, I feel it’s important to name them as much as I can remember.

2G Scam, CWG Scandal, Arms Deal Scam, NREGA Scam, Coal Gate Scandal, Railways Fraud, Coal Gas Scam, Robert Vadra Land acquisition Scam, etc.


Indians are naturally very stable people. They hardly complain a bit, put it on the faith or blame it on luck and let the things happen. This tendency has been with Indians for very long. But this cocoon of false impressions was soon to be shattered. Thanks to huge misdeeds of the Congress party in the recent pasts, the awakened Indian have whacked the shell and stepped out to breathe the tantalizing, corrupted and false smell of air. Every department associated with living have been drenched in corruption, be it Telecom for communication, Defense for protection, Railways and Roads for transportation, Gas and Coal for energy production, Sports for physical development, etc.


Though PM hinted he will not be PM next term when Congress wins (if by chance), I feel congress have done enough injustice to the faith which many of us has entrusted in them(I didn’t). Its time power be shifted, Baton to be passed, though silently (characteristically).  Prime Minister’s post should be a vocal, proud, strong and a confident person. It is hard to imagine the newly appointed Prime Minister will be never able to match the standards set up by the UPA 2 Government.

I hereby not only speak for justice for Indians but also plea for betterment of the society that this is high time, let not only poor and lower middle class contribute to the Universal Franchise. Lets ensure most of population (aware population) be there to cast their Vote (Strongest Weapon for an Indian). Let us dethrone the government with all due respect which they deserve.

cartoon06032011cjraj cartoon-for-sunday-big

I believe most of the people (aware class) are busy, doing jobs. But they forget their duty to at least Vote or make sure others who wish to vote be there on the right day with right knowledge.

Its time not to Cry out loud, but Speak out loud and to Act proud.

Wo So Jate Hai Aksar Hume Yad Kiye Bager…..

Hume Chain Nhi Aati Unke Baat Kiye Bager….

Kasur Unka Nhi Kasur To Hamara Hai…..

Unhe Chuna Bhi To Unki Ejazat Ke Bager…..;(


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