Agree to Disagree…………Superfluous Entanglement of Words and Thoughts : Why Do Indians Argue ??



I got this feeling after shortly closing a ferocious debate, on an absurd topic, of least importance to myself. Hardly justifiable but still it started, continued ,ran and ended.. not conclusively but with everyone else blaming others.. and finally quitting undecided.. Leaving people happy on a few points which they assume has outsmarted or squared the other fellows.


It’s a human tendency to quiz, poke or nudge in every second conversation which happen in its  surrounding. Whereas its natural in India to indulge in a debate. One can hardly say a thing which is universally acceptable in India. The people can debate(for hours..) on topics which suits them, which of their interests, outside it or even remotely they are not associated with it. Why ? Why does every Indian has a natural tendency of being argumentative. Is it we don’t like accepting people who they are, is it we don’t like the way we are treated. Why do we demand more, more and more? Why isn’t we can’t keep our mouth shut even if we don’t know what to speak  ?


All one needs is a common gathering of people, a newspaper or chai(tea)..(probably not required.. it merely lengthens the conversations..).An unavailability of newspaper can be met by a intuitive statement from someone, criticising someone.


I feel bad not because we are becoming more and more argumentative, I feel bad because we are becoming more and more Critical 😛 … We start speaking harshly alone at start , whose response can be as lightening fast to oppose the statement one made.

It can be from a lot of varieties   with people criticising the system, education, resources, governance, etc. People shout when in car on the pedestrians, and when roles reverses they themselves  on road criticise the Car people. Why in different scenarios people tend to be different ? (Yes you can argue,different situations do demand different responses 😛 )


It is not that questioning is bad, it’s not criticising is faulty or blaming isn’t needy. It is more question of relevant anger, Justifiable ambush of thoughts and a knowledgeable reasons of opinions. People need to devote more time seeing the other side of coin. Its better I feel next time onwards before one makes a view point about a specific person, functionary, etc. an equal research work should be there to find the truth. Just a moment for finding reality, enriching knowledge, so once again when someone really indulges in an argument one can certainly appreciate the knowledge one has and amount of effort put in.


It’s not that people thinking is wrong, it is just what will make them more RIGHT.


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